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In Memorial for our Fearless Leader - Faith Petric

San Francisco Folk Music Club
1609 Woolsey St.
Berkeley, CA 94703
NEW PHONE NUMBER as of September 2018:  ( 510) 473-6651

Send physical or email address changes to the Membership Office: 149 Santa Maria Ave. San Bruno, CA 94066
or email the Membership Secretary, Ellen Eagan

The San Francisco Folk Music Club (SFFMC) is a non-profit corporation (501(c)(3)) of singers, instrumentalists, performers, song writers, dancers and listeners who embody a set of personal and musical relationships whose longevity and hybrid vigor attest that what we do is something in which we deeply believe. Its purpose is the enjoyment, dissemination and preservation in individual, family and community life of that acoustic music roughly defined as folk.

Friday Night Jams. Song swaps and jams are held on the second and fourth Fridays of each month at our new home, Cyprian’s ARC, at Turk and Lyon streets in San Francisco, from 8:00 p.m. until midnight. This venue has 5 separate rooms for jamming and lots of easy street parking within one block. Please try to park on the street, but if you can't find anything closer, you may park in the blood bank lot at Turk and Masonic. Please note—NO PETS! Service animals only. Further information at (510) 473-6651.

The folknik, the Club newsletter, issued every other month, contains a schedule of folk music events in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, original songs, news of Club activities, and articles of general interest. A subscription list of about 650 persons and folk music organizations is maintained. Mailing is done at a pot-luck music party by volunteers who fold and tab the newsletter, eat and make music when the job is done. Time and place of folding parties are on page 2 of each folknik. The online folknik publishes most of the content from the printed edition, and lists current and some past issues.

Music Campouts - Three weekends a year--Memorial, July 4th, and Labor Day-- the SFFMC sponsors music campouts in the Bay Area, featuring lots of singing around the campfire, evening concerts, and other outdoor activities for the whole family. To find out about the campouts click the "Music Campouts" title above.

Camp New Harmony takes place over the New Year holiday, lasts four to five days and is restricted to Club members and their families. There are heated cabins and central dining hall where we eat together for three gourmet meals per day - plus workshops, concerts, dancing and the usual unstructured singing and jamming. For more information click the "Camp New Harmony" title above, or contact Amelia Hogan, 831-331-3705.

In June each year, the Club presents the San Francisco Free Folk Festival, with two days of performances, workshops and dancing, as a gift to the people of the SF Bay Area. Admission is free; the performers, the organizing committee, and all festival staff volunteer their time.

In October each year, the Club presents the El Cerrito Free Folk Festival, with one day of performances, workshops and dancing, as a gift to the people of the SF Bay Area. Admission is free; the performers, the organizing committee, and all festival staff volunteer their time.

All work for SFFMC is done by volunteers except for the person who maintains the mailing list. This keeps subscription costs low. Decisions are made by a Board which meets the second Tuesday of each month at a location announced in the folknik. Everyone is invited to these meetings for discussions on practical and policy matters affecting the Club.

Club History: The SFFMC was founded by Dave Rothkop who reports: “San Francisco Folk Music Club was the legitimate child of Hiroshima and the Cold War. Believing that music is the one language capable of transcending national egotism, a small group of idealistic and not very musically gifted high schoolers began meeting in each others’ homes in 1948.... We didn’t end the cold war but have pursued our dream of mutual understanding through music.” In 1959 the Club was reorganized by Herb Jager on a somewhat more formal level to assure its continuity and promote concerts, benefit performances and other activities related to the community. In mid-l962 when Herb left the area, Faith Petric took responsibility for keeping the Club functioning and in 1964 started publication of the folknik.

Because there are many whose love of folk music causes them to devote a considerable amount of time and energy to the Club, it has grown to about 650 subscribers, has inspired/mothered/fathered some five folk clubs in California and is a solid musical entity in the West Coast music scene. Some members have gone on to fame and fortune, such as they are in folk fields, becoming professional performers.

For further information on the San Francisco Folk Music Club, please write 1609 Woolsey St, Berkeley CA 94703, or email info@sffmc.org

For any membership inquiries, (including any issues receiving the folknik) please write 149 Santa Maria Ave, San Bruno CA 94066, phone (510) 473-6651 or email membership@sffmc.org.

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