Labor Day Campout at Boulder Creek 2019

Labor Day -- 3 nights!  August 30-September 1

The SFFMC campout will once again be in the redwoods at the Boulder Creek Scout Reservation,
about a mile from the town of Boulder Creek—the same place as last year’s campout.

It’s off Highway 9, south of Big Basin State Park, on Bear Creek Road, at 250 Scout Ranch Road.

Dates: 5:00 p.m. Friday, Aug. 30; Saturday, Aug. 31; and Sunday, Sept. 1. Leave camp Monday, Sept. 2.


REGISTRATION: Register at camp only. No advance registration. 2019 RATES

Please bring cash or checks.

Kids under 16:    
$8 / night per person

Adults:     $25 / night per person

Day use:     $14 / person

No pets, no alcohol, no radios, no TVs, etc. RVs are OK. No hookups.

First-come, first-served for campsites and tent cabins—no reservations taken. There are about 17 tent cabins, which are becoming popular.

Warning about mattresses: Do not stack tent cabin mattresses on top of each other. The plastic covers are slippery, and stacking them has caused

at least three accidents, one of which required transportation to a hospital.

Jams and workshops

We’ll have informal musical jams in the daytime and around the campfires at night, open mics on two nights and workshops on various topics. Previous workshops included children’s songs, the New Lost City Ramblers, Utah Phillips, John Prine, the Beatles, sea songs, two-chord songs, Irish songs, Wild Women, and Hank Williams—and others. Many thanks to the workshop leaders!

This year we will again have workshops. Anyone can lead a workshop; we schedule them at camp. To lead one, or suggest a topic, e-mail Phyllis at <>, or sign up at camp at the workshop board near registration.

Some suggestions for possibilities: singing techniques, instrument instructions, John Prine, Carter family songs, and others. If you want to lead a workshop or have suggestions for a topic, e-mail Phyllis Jardine at <> or just sign up at the workshop board at camp.

Open Mics

About 8:00 p.m. , usually on the second and thirds nights of the campout at the main outdoor amphitheater, which has a stage that can be lit at night. A signup list will be at the registration table.


Bring your swim suits! At the summer camps, the weather is usually great for swimming. We plan to have a lifeguard (required) for swimming in the afternoon on the second and third days. See the flyers at camp near the registration table for the hours.


There will be a community potluck at the outside dining area near the kitchen on the second night at 6:30 p.m., followed by an open mic in the amphitheater. Food can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer in the camp kitchen; it has to be removed by 11:00 a.m. on the last day.

The kitchen has a stove with an oven, a microwave, pots and pans, also a sink for washing dishes. Please mark clearly all dishes, pans, utensils and food that are yours. Each person is responsible for clearing off tables and washing dishes and pans used before leaving the kitchen.


Two hiking trails lead from the camp: one a self-guided historical trail about 3.5 miles long (about one and one-half hours), and the other a nature trail about 2.5 miles long.


The camp’s capacity is several hundred people, plenty of room. Most campsites have fire pits, and firewood is usually available.

Next to the parking lot is Cubland: a large flat site for tents, with nearby flush-toilet bathrooms and running water. RVs are welcome; they park in the parking lot.

Up the hill from the parking lot is the kitchen, and outside of it is an outdoor dining area and deck, with picnic tables and umbrellas and a machine with free ice. (Note: sometimes the machine doesn’t work well, so it is advisable to bring some ice if you can.)

Also near the kitchen are the swimming pool, eight tent cabins with cots, and a bathroom with showers and flush toilets. Other tent cabins are nearby .

We are not allowed to drive directly into campsites. Park in the parking lot or along the road near campsites and take gear into sites with carts provided by the camp for the short distance to the campsites. Good news: Eight new carts arrived last year.

The camp has neighbors directly across Bear Creek, so any music near the creek after 10:00 p.m.—the usual noise curfew—needs to be quiet. Please locate circles and jams that will last later than the 10:00 p.m. noise curfew away from both the creek and the Ranger’s house


We need everyone over 12 years old (except day use attendees) to do an hour of camp duty: registration and parking, cleanup after the potluck, or camp cleanup on the last day. Kids can be helpful with cleanup.

Last day cleanup help is especially needed. You can leave your car in the parking lot until you are finished with cleanup; just be sure to vacate your campsite early.

Final camp cleanup includes the kitchen, restroom and litter patrol. Please sign up for chores at the registration table as soon as you can after arriving.

Other volunteer jobs: early arrivals (check-in is 2:00 p.m. the first day on July 4) can help post signs, register and direct parking. E-mail Phyllis Jardine at <> if you can be there early and help—or just come to the registration table at camp.

Please show up for your chore. If you can't, leave a note at the registration desk so we can cover the time.


The camp has neighbors directly across Bear Creek, so any singing after 10:00 p.m.—the usual curfew for noise—near the creek will need to be quiet songs. It would be best if we can locate our singing circle or circles as

far from the creek and the ranger’s house as possible if we plan to sing later than 10:00 p.m.

Special note: Publicity

We are publicizing this campout widely again this year to increase attendance so we can afford to keep coming to Boulder Creek Scout Reservation, one of our favorites. Please help publicize the July 4 and Labor Day campouts to all your friends who are interested in folk music. It is not necessary to be a member of the SFFMC to attend the campout (although we encourage new members).

Membership blanks are on page 11 of each folknik, online at <> and at the registration table at the camps. Note that the address has changed recently.

There are flyers at the bottom of this page for downloading and printing. Please distribute them to anyone who might be interested.

We are sending publicity to several California folk clubs, music stores and other organizations. If you have more ideas for publicity, please contact Phyllis Jardine at <>.


From the north: Follow Highway 9 past Big Basin turn-off and past Camp Campbell. Just before entering Boulder Creek, turn left onto Bear Creek Road.

From the south: Take either Highway 9 from Highway 1 or Highway 17 and Mt. Hermon Road to Felton. At Felton, continue north on Highway 9, go through Ben Lomond and Boulder Creek to Bear Creek Road. Turn right onto Bear Creek Road.

Both: Follow Bear Creek Road about 1 mile to Scout Ranch Road and the Scout Reservation sign on the right. Turn right at the sign and follow the road 0.2 mile to the camp parking lot.

Boulder Creek Camp flyer

Microsoft Word - _Web-BCr-Jul4 & L.Day, 2019-whole page+map+flyers.docx

We will have the usual workshops, open mics, community potluck and swimming.
Tent cabins will be available: first come-first served.  More details in the folknik.

Mark your calendars now!


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