From The Folknik May/June 2003
(Volume XXXIX, Number 3)

e-zine of the San Francisco Folk Music Club
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The San Francisco Folk Music Club is a nonprofit corporation
dedicated to the enjoyment, preservation and promotion of
acoustic music in individual, family, and community life.

Table of Contents

July 5 Campout - Boulder Creek

This camp is at Boulder Creek Scout Reservation, near Boulder Creek (off Hwy. 9, south of Big Basin State Park), on Bear Creek Rd. It's the same place as last year's July 4 and Labor Day campouts.

Please register early; the ranger wants a rough count of attendees in advance. We send a confirmation letter and directions after you register. The registration form is in the printed folknik and you can also click here.

At the 2002 Labor Day campout at Boulder Creek, we had some maintenance problems and couldn't use the swimming pool. The Board wrote to the Scouts, who apologized for the condition of the camp and gave us a partial refund. We also asked to do a walk-through about a week before the next camp.

New Details
Rates: Since the Scouts have raised their rates, we must raise rates to $10/adult just to break even, depending on attendance. Also, due to rate increases, the day use fee is $5/day.

This camp is open to people who have not joined the SFFMC, but we encourage them to become members (which they may do at camp). If you have friends who are interested in folk music, please invite them to come. We usually have plenty of room. There are tent spaces and eight tent cabins with cots.

RV Parking: We may have to park RVs elsewhere than Cubland, our usual spot. The new spot may be the parking lot. Please be flexible; the Scouts make the decision.

Workshops: We would like to revive the workshop tradition at summer campouts. This needs someone to encourage and coordinate some advance workshops and to set up a bulletin board like the one at Camp Harmony - a large board or piece of cardboard with marked days and time slots.

Anyone can lead a workshop. List a workshop with the subject, the leader's name, and the place, e.g. in the kitchen, around the pool.

So, who would like to volunteer to coordinate workshops for this camp? Also, think about Labor Day. Contact Phyllis Jardine,, (925) 846-4549.

Parking and unloading
We must park in the parking lot; we cannot drive directly into campsites. 2 or 3 cars at a time will be allowed through the gate, but only on the paved road. Cars may go near sites - but not into them - to unload and reload after camp. Do not drive off the paved road without permission. There are hand carts for carrying gear to campsites. Pack as light as possible.
SFFMC volunteers will register campers and direct parking; please follow their directions. Back vehicles into spaces after unloading.

Volunteers - help needed
Everyone does an hour of camp duty: registration and parking, or cleanup after camp on the last day. We always need parking lot volunteers - especially on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

Final camp cleanup includes the kitchen, restroom and litter patrol. These jobs are essential and we always need volunteers for them! Please sign up for them at the registration desk as soon as you can after arriving.

Other ways volunteers can help: early arrivals (check in is 2:00 pm the first day) can help post signs, register and direct parking.

We would like to have volunteers in adance for the following jobs. To sign up, email or

Registration supervisors: preferably people who have done registration before. Involves setting up the registration table and information at start of day, occasionally helping volunteers at registration and ensuring that the cash box and cash are safe at end of day. This can be divided into two or more blocks of time per day.

Cleanup coordinator: preferably someone who has done cleanup before. Involves going to the dining hall on the last day and delegating the cleanup chores to volunteers on the lists. Also involves ensuring the kitchen is locked at the end of cleanup.
And please show up for your chore. If you cannot, leave a note at the registration desk so we can cover the time.

Quiet hours
We have neighbors directly across Bear Creek, so we have to be quiet after 10:00 pm - the usual noise curfew. Try to keep singing and talking quiet after that. If you plan to sing later than 10:00 pm, keep your circle as far from Bear Creek as possible.

Saturday night potluck
We will have a potluck at the outside dining area near the camp kitchen on Saturday night at 6:30 pm and a concert in the amphitheater afterwards.

You may store your potluck food in the refrigerator or freezer in the kitchen until the dinner. Label your food, and please do not leave anything in the refrigerator or freezer when you leave camp. The deadline by which you must retrieve food will be posted - probably noonish on the last day.

We can use the stoves, pots and pans, serving dishes and utensils, etc. in the kitchen. Bring your own plates and silverware; disposable is suggested. Sorry, there's no dish washing machine.

We plan to hire a lifeguard for the pool, hopefully for Friday and Saturday but the days will be announced at camp. Watch for a poster at the pool or registration table. There is no charge for swimming.

Pack it in, pack it up.

At the end of camp, please bag your trash and carry it to the ranger's trailer near the maintenance shed (across from kitchen; look for signs). Use the plastic bags hanging from the trash cans in your campsite. Check the kitchen for extra bags (in one of the drawers with the cleaning supplies) or check in the men's restroom near the dining hall). Please take bottles & cans home with you.

Scout rules
Remember, no alcohol or drugs are allowed at the camp. (Boy Scout rule.) back to top

Memorial Day Campout Update

The place is Bort Meadows in Anthony Chabot Regional Park, an East Bay Regional Park in Oakland. The dates are May 23-26. There is plenty of room, but try to register ahead if possible. Registration blanks are in the March/April 2003 folknik and also in the online folknik here.

There is a locked gate on the road down to the camp. It is possible to walk down at any time, but if you come late to drive in and the gate isn't staffed, you will need to know the combination or walk down to our camp and get it.

The camp is open to people who have not joined the SFFMC, although we encourage them to become members, which they can do at camp.

If you have friends who are interested in folk music, you are welcome to invite them to come to the Bort Meadows campout.
For further details, please see the March/April 2003 folknik, or the March/April online edition. Or contact the folk club at (415) 661-2217 or back to top

Folk Alliance Seeks Volunteer

SFFMC is a member of The North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance, formed in California in 1989. In addition to a regular newsletter of pertinent folk and dance information in the US and Canada, the Alliance organizes yearly conferences with showcases for performers, workshops, training sessions, and other valuable activities.

While maintaining membership, the SFFMC has never actively participated in the Alliance. However, plans for a Folk Alliance Western Region (FARWest) are under way. (Regional units of the Alliance already exist in other parts of the US.) It is thought that SFFMC participation in a Western branch could be valuable for the Club.

A volunteer is sought who would attend planning meetings and/or otherwise report on FARWest with ideas of any part we might play in it. For starters, check the web at and thanks in advance. Let your interest be known at (415) 661-2217.

The mission of the National Folk Alliance is to foster and promote traditional, contemporary, and multicultural folk music and dance, and related performing arts in North America. The Folk Alliance seeks to strengthen and advance organizational and individual initiatives in folk music and dance through education, networking, advocacy, and professional and field development.

The goals of the Folk alliance are:
Education: To increase understanding of the rich variety, artistic value, cultural and historical significance, and continuing relevance of folk music and dance among educators, media, and the general public.

Networking: To provide a bridge to and from folk music and dance organizations and needed resources, and to help those organizations link with their constituencies.

Advocacy: To influence decision makers and resource providers on the national, state, provincial, and local levels, insuring the growth of folk music and dance.

Field Development: To support and encourage the development of new and existing grassroots folk music and dance organizations.

Professional Development: To strengthen the effectiveness of folk music and dance organizations by providing professional development opportunities. back to top

Fold-in/Folk Sing, June 29

The fold-in is at noon, Sunday June 30, at the home of Marian Gade, 136 Highland Blvd., Kensington, (510) 524-9815.
The more, the merrier - to help with the folknik, enjoy a meal afterwards, and to make music. Bring a potluck dish and instruments. back to top

Musical Meetings
Musical meetings of the San Francisco Folk Music Club are held every other Friday at 885 Clayton Street, between Carl and Parnassus Streets in San Francisco. Singing and jamming in three separate rooms start at 8:00 p.m. Guests are always welcome, no one is expected to "perform," and there is no charge. Snacks are provided through $1 food kitty donations or finger food contributions.
Date May 2 May 16 May 30 June 13   June  27
Setup Jenni Woodward Victor Bluestone  Melissa Sarenac Stephen Hopkins Melissa Sarenac
Bulletin Board Joe Lavelle  Debbie Klein Estelle Freedman  Joy Salatino Debbie Klein
Host/ess Joady Guthrie Joy Salatino Phil Morgan Debbie Klein Ed Hilton
Host/ess   Marisa Malvino Yvette Tannenbaum Paula Kristovich Marisa Malvino   Alison Pryle
Singing Room  Phil Morgan Ed Bronstein Melissa Sarenac Jane & Dean Phil Morgan
Theme Birds, Flowers, Trees Favorite Songs Music Flowers Crime and Punishment
Cleanup Chuck Oakes Denise Soler  Chuck Oakes  Joe Lavelle Chuck Oakes

NEXT FOLKNIK FOLD-IN: Sunday, June 29, at high noon, Marian Gade’s , 136 Highland Blvd, Kensington, (510) 524-9815.back to top

Board Meetings
The SFFMC board meets on the second Tuesday of each month—potluck at 6:30 p.m., meeting at 8:00 p.m. All Club members are welcome to attend the potluck dinner and the Board meeting.
  • May 13: Phil Morgan's, 817 Arlington, Berkeley, (510) 525-1965
  • June 10: Marian Gade’s , 136 Highland Blvd, Kensington, (510) 524-9815
  • July 8: Phil Morgan's, 817 Arlington, Berkeley, (510) 525-1965 back to top

Club News

Thad Binkley and especially David Luckhardt are primarily responsible that the SFFMC website,, is refurbished, up to date and sparkling.  Everything anyone ever wanted to know about the Club is now available there with links to other folk sites.  Here's something of which we can be proud, and thanks beyond mere words to Thad and to David, who did the actual construction.

Hali Hammer has done much of the work on this year’s Berkeley Free Folk Festival (May 3-4 at Malcolm X School in Berkeley; call (510) 649-1423 for information). Thanks to Hali and the many other volunteers who make this outstanding event of folk music and dance a reality.

Larry Hanks and Faith, along with other Northern California musicians, were among performers at the Adams Avenue Roots Festival in San Diego April 26-27.

Ed Lynch has pictures and movies of Camp Harmony on his website at  He is also linked to the SFFMC website.

Tony Marcus and Patrice Haan have been appearing every Wednesday from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. at Cafe de la Presse, 469 Bush @ Grant, in San Francisco, (415) 249-0900. Their summer schedule is changed so phone ahead.

Ingrid Noyes is director of the 3rd Annual Bluegrass Assn. Music Camp, June 8-11 at Grass Valley. Great classes by local folkies and others. E-mail her at

Holly Tannen is the music coordinator of a brand new folk festival coming to California this fall. It will feature traditional musicians of many cultures and also promises lots of sing-arounds, jamming and open mikes in Caspar, on the Northern California coast, August 9-10.

Barn dances are held every first Sunday of the month at Grace North Church, 2138 Cedar, Berkeley. Sponsors encourage dancers to “try something new.” It’s a dance party of uncomplicated, vigorous, joyful pub-or-barn dance styles. See or call (650) 365-2913 for more information.

STOLEN GUITARS: Karen Lynch's Martin D-18, 1970, was taken from her van March 18. It has snowflake inlay pattern on the fingerboard, pickup with 9-volt battery mounted inside, repair very evident on lower part of the front, and was in a tweed hard-shell case with a stomp box inside and a leather strap. If seen please contact Karen at (415) 282-1144, or at Howard Schwartz’s Goyo Model G-30 was taken in November in El Cerrito. It's a nylon-string guitar, yellow-maple sides, with one piece of broken and fixed wood on top. Also taken were a case, tuner, and sheet music. If seen please call Howard at (510) 654-5628.

Faith will be away during June and July. June working at festivals and other venues in the Northeast, and July at the Oregon Country Fair and around the Northwest. Accordingly, responses to phone calls to (415) 661-2217 may be delayed. Kerry Parker is usually in the office once a week and will field SFFMC-related calls.

Club News Wanted. To announce a marriage, a baby, a new CD, special gigs or events, instruments for sale, or other similar news, e-mail to top

Bring the Young Ones Home!

Ashley Hogan writes:

Dear Folknikans,
At this New Year's folkadelic bash known to us all as Camp Harmony, many of us were refreshed to see members of the younger generations showing up, and joining in the various activities of camp. Not only were many of them found to be attendants of camp by free choice, but actually often enough as enthralled members of the folken community.
It has been observed and often mentioned lately that: "Wouldn't it be great to have even more young people showing up as bona-fide Folk Club members?"

This has occurred to plenty of us as a necessary step to the further continuance and evolution of the Folk Club, i.e., to effectively pass the good torch of folk music and community that we have all gathered and shared, there needs to be a good source of some-ones around to pass it on to.

Being myself of the youngish disposition (age 23), I can say without doubt that there are in fact plenty of people of both high school and college ages who would truly enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to participate in a community like the SFFMC. If they are only invited and welcomed, I’d even say that many of the people, my age and hereabouts, are indeed hungry, both spiritually and musically, for the kind of kinship and wonderment that come with connecting to one’s roots and cultural heritage. That’s to say, what is to be experienced at every SFFMC gathering I've ever been to.

So, just remember that there is an ongoing sacred mission of sorts at hand here, in both the interests of bringing the Folk Club new vitality and fresh enthusiasm, as well as the giving of the gift of community to young folks whom the warmth of folk life might otherwise have overlooked.

So bring 'em home, O brethren and sister folks, and keep on discussing the ways in which we can each enliven and invigorate this here Folk Club, for she is a jolly good fellow, which nobody can deny, and we should take good care of her, as best as we know how, for generations to come.back to top

Instruments for Sale

Oud: Syrian-made oud by Georgie Nahat 1958, $500. Call Victor at Cafe Kaldi in San Rafael at (415) 457-6562.
Harp: Stoney End brand portable floor harp.  Approximately 4 feet tall, 39 strings. Model is Lorraine, with custom sharping levers for C-F-G; $1185 cash (includes padded carrying case). Call Merilee in San Rafael at (415) 258-9257.
Guitar: Child's steel-string guitar, Yamaha FG Junior JR-1, with gig bag and strap, $70. Call Bari at (831) 206-3695.back to top

Music History

The oldest musical score known is a tablet dating back to 1400 BC, discovered in the early 1950s at Ugarit (modern Ras Shamra, Syria). The tablet shows interval names, number signs, and lyrics identified as a hymn to the moon goddess Nikkal. Ancient musicologists disagree over the interpretation of the notes, but all agree that it is a genuine musical score. The markings were made in cuneiform (wedge-shaped symbols) in the Hurrian language, and there is an exact correspondence between the syllables of the text and the musical notes. According to some musicologists, the score shows that the diatonic (seven-tone) scale and musical harmony were in use more than a thousand years earlier than was thought.

One interpretation of the score is at Another, with drawings of the tablet, is at back to top

Hootenanny Night

Richard Rice writes:

Hootenanny Night, the SFFMC's monthly free music party, is not only a great place to see and hear Club favorites like Dick Holdstock, Faith Petric, and Sylvia Herold, it's a great place to catch a whole new generation of folk music performers.
May 10th, for example, Club stalwarts Mike and Geri and Ragged But Right share the stage with two young performers turning heads in the local club scene, AJ Roach and Mica Lee Williams. It’s also the Hootenanny Night debut of Ambergrass from Santa Cruz.

Web-savvy types can go to the home pages below to get a sneak preview of some of our featured artists. While you're at it, cruise over to the new Hootenanny Night web site:, where you can see this month's poster (click on Current Poster) and view the Hoot schedule for most of 2003.

Hootenanny Night is held the second Saturday of each month at Café International, 508 Haight St. (at Fillmore), San Francisco, from 7:00 to 10:30 p.m. It starts with a performer showcase, with roughly five acts playing for 20 minutes each. After the showcase, there's a folk music jam for anyone who wants to play.

May 10:
AJ Roach and Mia Thompson: Come see why AJ is being hailed as one of the top young folk singers in the country.  He writes songs that tell vivid, moving stories about his life in the Appalachian Mountains.  Mia's lovely singing is the icing on the cake.
Ambergrass Express: Hailing from the amber hills of Santa Cruz, they'll have the mandolins and accordions flying. Check 'em out in their Hootenanny debut. (

Mica Lee Williams: Mica returns to the Hootenanny with her powerful voice and distinctive original songs (

Ragged But Right: The ragged ones are back! Whether doing unique spins on familiar favorites or dusting off forgotten gems, RBR gets the crowd moving and singing along. Featuring Carolyn Jayne on lead vocals and guitar, Paul Michael on stand-up bass, Calvin Murasaki on fiddle, Art Peterson on accordion, Richard Rice on guitar and vocals, John Kelly on banjo and Vic Saravia on squeeze box and guitar.

Mike Bechler and Geri McGilvray: Mike (our intrepid sound engineer) writes memorable songs and Geri and he sing them in their warm unique fashion.

May 23-26: San Francisco Folk Music Club Memorial Day Campout at Bort Meadows, Anthony Chabot Regional Park. Come join us for kind of an outdoor Hootenanny Night

June: No Hootenanny Night this month. June 21st and 22nd we'll all be at the San Francisco Free Folk Music Festival.

For more information contact me at (415) 775 0221 or, or visit www.sfhootenanny back to top

Have You Moved Recently?

If you have, please send in your change of address  so you’ll keep getting your folknik. Give us your e-mail also, if you like. Send changes to: Kerry Parker, Membership Secretary, e-mail:, or mail to SFFMC, 885 Clayton Street, San Francisco, CA 94117.back to top

Festivals 'n Such

Sea Music Festival May 3
Hyde St. Pier, SF CA 10-5 pm. SFFMC musicians, Louis Killen, Tommy Peeples & more. Shipboard and pier demonstrations of maritime skills, kids events. Info: (415) 556-6435,

Berkeley Free Folk Festival May 3-4
Malcolm X School, 1731 Prince St, Berkeley. Featuring East Bay musicians, dancers and workshop leaders Info: (510) 649-1423.
(It has total disabled access.)

The Berkeley Free Folk Festival is an annual tradition of the Bay Area folk music scene. It's a great time for families & music lovers alike and features performers representing a wealth of diverse musical traditions. The festival needs members of the community who would like to volunteer either day of the event. Contact Hali at (510) 649-1423 or

Camp Rude Bluegrass Festival May 9-11
Parkfield, CA. Kane's River, Lost Highway, & more. Camping, performances and jamming, kids' workshops, families welcome. Info:,

Stockton Blues Festival May 17
Weber Point, Stockton CA Los Lobos, Fat Man Blues Band, Studebaker Blues Band and more. Info: (209) 533-3473,

Wild Iris Folk Festival May 30-June 1
Mendocino County Fairgrounds, Boonville, CA. Camping, workshops, crafts, kids' activities, open mikes & jamming. Robin & Linda Williams, Utah Phillips, The Stairwell Sisters, & more. Info: (707) 895-3653,

CBA's Annual Music Camp June 8-11
Nevada County Fairgrounds, Grass Valley CA. Great bluegrass & old-timey workshops, dancing, concerts, etc. Play with some of the best musicians in the business. Spots still available‚ especially for old-timey! Info: (707) 878-2415,,

Live Oak Music Festival June 13-15
Live Oak Camp, Santa Barbara, CA. Tuck & Patti, David Lindley & Walley Ingram, Junior Brown & more. Camping, dances, kids' activities, jam sessions, crafts & more. Info: (805) 781-3030,

Scandia Camp Mendocino June 14-21
Teaching the dance & music of Sweden & Norway. Info: (510) 841-7428,; or (510) 215-5974,,

San Francisco Free Folk Festival June 21-22
Roosevelt Middle School, 460 Arguello St. (at Geary), San Francisco, CA. Concerts, dancing, workshops, jamming, open mike & more. Details in March/April folknik and updated often online. Info: (510) 287-9095,,

Summer Solstice Folk Music, Dance & Storytelling Festival June 20-23
Soka University of America Campus, Calabasus, CA. Camping, classes, concerts, jamming, art & crafts, dancing, children's festival. Info: (818) 817-7756,,

Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival June 27-29
Black Oak Ranch, Laytonville, CA. Iris Dement, The WAiFS, Norton Buffalo & more. Jamming, workshops, storytelling, kids' area. (707) 829-7067,, or

Vancouver Folk Song Soc. Summer Retreat June 27-29
Maple Ridge BC, Canada. Evening concert, impromptu workshops, jamming, partying and cooking. Camping and outdoor hot tub. Info: (604) 820-0723,

Balkan Music & Dance Workshop June 28-July 5
Mendocino Woodlands, near town of Mendocino. Folk music & dance of Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia & Turkey. Classes in dancing & singing & music, kids' program, ethnic food. Info: (510) 549-2124,,

Workshop of American Fiddle Tunes June 29-July 6
Fort Worden State Park Conf. Center, Port Townsend, WA. Regional styles of fiddle & accompaniment; bluegrass, Appalachian, old-timey Cajun, Mexican & more. Info: (360) 385-3102,,

California Coast Music Camp July 6-12
Sonoma County, CA. Classes, workshops, dances, jamming, singalongs. Free chartered bus to camp. Info:,

Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival July 11-13
Bolado Park, Hollister, CA. Camping, concerts, children's activities, open mic, crafts, jamming. Info: (831) 479-4634, email:,

BACDS Family Week July 12-19
Alta Sierra Camp, CA, near Kings Canyon National Park. Music & dance for families. English, contras, clogging, squares & more. Info: (707) 829-8833,

Mendocino English Dance Week July 12-19
Mendocino Woodlands Camp, near the town of Mendocino. English Country, Northwest Morris, Cotswold Morris , rapper 7 more. Info: Victoria Williams (510) 526-5854,,

7th Annual California Worldfest July 17-20
Nevada County Fairgrounds, Grass Valley. Musicians from Mexico, Ghana, Peru, Spain, Mali, Canada, Scotland and other countries. Workshops, concerts, kid's activities, camping. Info: (530) 891-4098

Kosmos World Music And Dance Camp July 25-27
Saratoga Springs Resort, near Clear Lake, CA. World music and dance workshops, great staff of musicians and dancers, beautiful resort setting. Info: (415) 309-3516,

Willamette Valley Autoharp Gathering Aug 1-3
O & L Gardens, Albany, OR. Autoharp Workshops, Open Stages, Jamming, Singing, Concerts, Camping. Info: (541)745-7568,,

Lark In The Morning Camp Aug 1-9
Mendocino Woodlands Camp, Mendocino CA. Music & dance from the world over. Workshops, jamming, camping, singing, hiking. Info: (707) 964-4826,,

Caspar World Folk Festival Aug 9-10
Caspar (near Mendocino), CA. A post Lark gathering of musicians, dancers, artists, and storytellers in the heart of a peaceful rural village. Info: (707) 964-4997,,