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For the BACDS lists the address for subscriptions and postings is the same. To subscribe to either one, send mail to that address with the body of the letter consisting of "SUBSCRIBE your-real-name" on a line by itself.

Folk Web Sites

Bay Area Celtic Music Calendar

Bay Area Country Dance Society - sponsors a number of regular Contra and English Country dances, weekend and week-long dance camps, and other events.

The California Dance Co-Operative, Los Angeles

Contra dancing, what is it?
Gary Shapiro supplies six definitions, including a real one, an earnest one, a whimsical one, and an analogy.

Folk Alliance

North Bay Country Dance Society
Our friends in Marin, Sonoma, Napa and beyond.

Sally Greenberg's House Concerts

Monterey Country Dance Community

An Goilin
Traditional singer's club in Dublin, Ireland

Malvina Reynolds
Song Lyrics and Poems

The 111 Greatest (Anglo-American) Folk Music Artists

The Song Wellspring
A source of information, inspiration and income for songwriters.

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