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Camp New Harmony 2012-2013


We welcome the approach of this year’s Camp New Harmony, San Francisco Folk Music Club’s annual New Year’s Celebration for Club members and their families. It will be held at Camp Newman (near Santa Rosa), from Thursday, December 27, 2012 to Tuesday, January 1, 2013.

New this Year

Camp has new Registrars this year: co-registrars Amelia Hogan and Margaret Miles. They will handle registration and housing assignments, and do their best to make sure everyone gets their questions answered and has a good time. AND they may handle some issues differently than past registrars.

E-mail for all questions is If you cannot e-mail, call Amelia: (before 9:00 pm). First-time attendees, please feel free to contact Amelia for more information.

Deadlines have changed! Because our new registrars will be working with a paper system for one more year, the deadline for Second Priority/Regular price is November 16 (postmarked). Third Priority/Late registrations (postmarked November 17—December 1) will be accepted with a $25.00 late charge for full camp, or $5.00 per camper day per person. All registrations must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope this year; there will be no e-mail confirmations.

Registration Priority

Two days of Camp New Harmony sold out last year, and we anticipate similar attendance this year. We will continue to use priority criteria for registration.

First priority (Bargain price): Current members of SFFMC as of September 1 whose registration to Camp New Harmony is postmarked by October 15, 2012. These will be processed in the order received.

Second priority (Regular price): members joining or rejoining after September 1 whose registration to Camp New Harmony is postmarked by November 16, 2012. These applications will be held until after all first priority applications have been processed. If space is still available, these will be processed in the order received.

Third priority (Late registration): All current members, regardless of the date they joined or rejoined the Club, whose applications to Camp New Harmony are postmarked between November 17 and December 1, 2012. If space still remains, these will be processed in the order received.

If you want to register after December 1, e-mail to see if space and camperships are still available.

Camperships (aka Scholarships) and the Campership Fund: For those who otherwise would not be able to attend camp, the Club offers “Campership” fee reductions. Everyone is eligible for these funds, but the supply is limited. Funds are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Eligibility is based on the honor system. We encourage you to register early if asking for a campership.

To apply, register for the days you wish, calculate the fees, then calculate a discount up to 50%. Write this in the appropriate spot on the registration form. Subtract the discount amount from the registration price and send a check for the reduced fee. We will notify you promptly if the fund has been used up. Tax-deductible donations to the Campership Fund are welcome and appreciated! You may add your donation to your Camp registration fee. If you have any questions call or e-mail Amelia.

Housing and Parking: Our lease requires that all housing be preassigned. Each living unit has its own bathroom and sleeps anywhere from 2 to 5 people. If you require special housing because of a disability, please indicate this on your registration form. Camping and RVs are not allowed. If you have any questions about housing, please e-mail or call Amelia. Teens and Young Adults: if you want to stay in a dorm together, please indicate this on your registration form. Parking is limited — all campers are strongly encouraged to carpool. info on Bus Service is listed below!

People with children: Harmony is a family-friendly camp! We have lots of family and infant-friendly housing, and we will provide interested families a list of other families attending camp. We know camp is expensive for families. We encourage you to register early and apply for a campership.

Questions?: Contact Amelia Hogan by e-mail at Or call (before 9:00 pm, please). Visit for more info and photos.


Harmony is a self-made music camp for Club members of all ages and experience levels.

Workshops: All workshops and activities are camper-led, and any camper can sign up to teach or lead a workshop. Though some workshops are pre-planned, many of the workshop times and areas are available for sign-up at camp. Anyone may attend any workshop, and beginners are especially urged to try anything they might like. Activities with children in mind are welcomed and encouraged. All performers are welcome. For a list of workshops and evening dances offered at past camps, check To lead a workshop, sign up at camp, or sign up before camp on our Google Docs site (coming soon!). Look for information in the Nov/Dec folknik.

Concerts: Each evening there is a concert and a different themed dance in the dance hall. Concerts are planned entirely at camp, so prepare something special to show off or be inspired once you get here. In an effort to create a nicer space for concerts, and to better accommodate diners, the concert venue will be the Carpeted Room. We will be transforming this space into an ambiance-rich environment, and the carpet will also eliminate the sound of scraping chairs every time an audience member moves a fraction of an inch.

Mural Box: This building—used for many singing workshops, as well as after-dinner singing—was demolished this year by Camp Newman. We are working to create a suitable space to accommodate the after-dinner singers.

In-Camp Bus Service: Bus hours will be extended this year, to 9:30 am—12:30 am every day, and a new chore assignment will be available for those willing to help riders and their instruments on and off the bus. The bus was extremely popular last year, and this year the cost is increasing. In order to pay for bus service, we have had to slightly increase camper fees. If increased fees are a hardship for you, please feel free to take a small campership.

Camper Chores: All able-bodied campers age 10 to 65 do chores at camp. This is part of the camp fee and is how we keep our camp costs low. Upon arrival at camp, each camper signs up for an hour or two of chores. Chores include after-camp clean up, minding the sales table, helping in the crafts room, etc. New chore position this year: sign up to be a bus schlepper and help campers load their instruments on and off the bus.

Meals: All meals at camp are included in your registration, and staff provide vegetarian and gluten-free options.

El Cerrito Folk Fest on Hiatus


The El Cerrito Free Folk Festival will be on hiatus this year, as the committee was unable to secure a suitable venue, after its former one—Windrush School—has closed. Work is under way to secure a great site for the 2013 Festival.

New information, as it becomes available, will be posted at, on the Harmony e-mail list and on the El Cerrito Free Folk Festival Facebook page.

Fold-in and Folk Sing October 28


The fold-in is at noon, Sunday, October 28, at the home of Marv Sternberg,

The more, the merrier. Help with the folknik, enjoy a meal afterwards, and make music. Bring a potluck dish and instruments.

Music Web sites


Here’s a few music oriented web sites. Some of these were recommended by other Music Club publications.

Mudcat Cafe: Active and lively discussion forum and international knowledge base. Lyrics database with sound files. Much deeply searchable information—an incredible resource.

Traditional Music Library: Huge archive of traditional, folk and old music - song-books with lyrics and chords, tune-books, sheet-music, scores, midi backing tracks, tabs. Other music educational and academic reference materials.

Chordie is a website of guitar tabs, chords and lyrics. Offers a wide variety, large selection and ability to transpose keys.

Harmony Central: . A large selection of chords and tab.

The Guitar Guy: Charts and lyrics, but no Tab or audio files.

All Song Lyrics is all lyrics, no chords.

CowPie: Large selection of Country and Western, both traditional and contemporary. Lyrics with chords. Offers searches for events, artists, songs, information about directories, mailing lists, news groups and more.