Free Folk Festival Another Roaring Success

From The Folknik July/August 1999

Cheryl MacDonald and her "SFFFF Gang" once more did a stupendous job at the Free Folk Festival, held at the Roosevelt Middle School in San Francisco on June 12 and 13. Despite last-minute panic attacks about sound systems, lack of this and that, and general jitters, all went well and a good time was had by all!

Kudoes to Art Peterson for coordinating the Café Cabaret and the Choir Room; Garry Wiegand for preparing the schedule and assisting with publicity; Redmond O’Colonies for the food; Jillian Tallmer, Lisa Levine, Jean Pico, and James Benney for recruiting volunteers; Claire Risley and Kathryn LaMar for coordinating the music workshops, Nick Cuccia and Lorraine Sohlberg for coordinating the dance workshops; Ed Sherry, Michael Lyons, Tom Thoreau, Chet Gardiner and Hali Hammer, and Neil Young, for providing, engineering, or coordinating sound at our multitudinous venues; Jerry Michaels for managing the stage; Alice LaPierre for designing the program and advertising therein; Deborah Gordon for assistance with program advertising and coordinating set-up; Lisa Levine for coordinating clean-up; James Benney for reigning over parking; Frannie Germeshausen for publicity; Raines Cohen for publicity and designing the web page; John Gregorin for the program art, signs, and buttons; Charlotte Patterson for coordinating the vendors; Robin Cohen for coordinating the Club and information booths; Bob Semple for coordinating the instrument checking system; Barbara Giberti for coordinating the family activities; and Marian Gade for coordinating the concert MCs.

And of course, the many, many of you who provided actual labor at the festival. Not to mention the workshop facilitators, dance callers and musicians, and everyone else who contributed so generously of their time and selves to make this truly one of the highlights of the Bay Area year! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Gracias, danke, merci! You are the true essence of SFFMC and the heart of our extended community.

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