Camp Harmony is Coming

Renew Dues by September 1

From The Folknik July/August 1999

It’s certainly not too soon to be thinking about Camp Harmony for the Year 2000! Remember, if your dues are current by September 1, you qualify for first priority consideration when we receive your application (they’ll be printed in the September/October folknik, as usual). Price for the full camp by the bargain-rate deadline will be $190. Meals come with your registration, but you can sell your meals on your own to drop-ins or guests. The camp and changes from prior years will be described in the next issue.

The priorities followed by the registrar are these, so plan accordingly: (1) Current members of SFFMC as of Sept. 1, provided the application is postmarked by November 4 (processed in order received). (2) Members joining or renewing after September 1, but postmarked by November 4 (processed in order received, after all Priority 1 applications are processed). (3) If space is still available, all current members with applications postmarked after November 4.

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