From the folknik July/August 2005
(Volume XLI, Number 4)

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The San Francisco Folk Music Club is a nonprofit corporation
dedicated to the enjoyment, preservation and promotion of
acoustic music in individual, family, and community life.

Table of Contents

Camp Harmony News

New Years? It's only July! Camp Harmony will be Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2005-Sunday, Jan. 1, 2006 at its usual place near Boulder Creek in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains. Turn this Folknik over and check your mailing label. If your subscription expires in the next few months, renew now (only $10/year) to be sure you receive the issue with the Camp Harmony registration form. You must be an SFFMC member to register for camp. It .nally happened: Camp Harmony did not have a positive .nancial year in '04/05. Consequently, we will have to signi.cantly raise the price of camp this year. The committee is looking at ways to mitigate the .nancial impact for our dedicated Camp Harmony family of campers. Those who register early and come for the full 5 days will have a big advantage over weekend visitors and those registering after Nov. 1. Plan now to join your musical friends at New Years and set aside a few vacation days for camp so you can take advantage of the better rate for full camp. Some Campership funds will be available to campers who need them. If you are flush this year, please consider donating to this fund. You can contribute on the Harmony registration form, or send an extra check to SFFMC. Please mark it "Camp Harmony Donation." Remember, all donations to SFFMC are tax deductible! The camp shuttle bus will be back! It was a big success, and we are extending its operation hours and days. We look forward to seeing you all for New Year's 2006.

Labor Day Campout 2005

We camp once again in the Redwoods at Boulder Creek Scout Reservation. It's near Boulder Creek (off Hwy. 9, south of Big Basin State Park), on Bear Creek Road-the same place as this year's July 4 campout. We'll have the usual activities-informal musical jams, concerts, and a community potluck.

Please register early; the ranger wants an approximate count of attendees in advance. The registration form is here. We'll send you a confirmation form and directions after you register.

If you have friends who are interested in folk music, please invite them to come to this campout. We usually have plenty of room-tent spaces, tent cabins with cots, plus parking for RVs.

Day Use/RV Parking
Day use fee is $5.00 RV parking will be in the parking lot unless directed otherwise by the ranger. There are no RV hook-ups.

Hot showers are available in the rest room building near the swimming pool.

We 'd like to revive the workshop tradition at summer campouts. This needs someone to encourage and coordinate some workshops ahead of time and to set up a bulletin board like the one at Camp Harmony-a large board or piece of cardboard with marked days and time slots.

Anyone can lead a workshop. List a workshop with the subject, the leader's name, and the place, e.g. in the kitchen, around the pool.

So, who would like to volunteer to coordinate workshops for this camp? Contact Phyllis Jardine, folkniked<at>, 925-846-4549. We may have some volunteers who will start the ball rolling with some workshops; watch for notices at camp.

Parking and Unloading
We must park in the parking lot; we cannot drive directly into campsites. We have a report that the parking lot is being enlarged to hold about 90 vehicles; this should help with parking.

Two or three cars at a time will be allowed through the gate, but only on the paved road. Cars may go near sites -but not into them-to unload and reload after camp. Do not drive off the paved road without permission. There are hand carts for carrying gear. Please, pack as light as possible.

We plan to hire a lifeguard for the pool for Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4:00 PM Watch for a poster at the pool or registration table. There is no charge for swimming.

Volunteers-help needed
Everyone over 12 years old is requested to do an hour of camp duty: registration and parking, cleanup after the potluck, or cleanup of the camp on the last day. We always need parking lot volunteers-especially on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Other ways volunteers can help: early arrivals (before 2:00 PM the .rst day) can help post signs, register and direct parking.

Final camp cleanup includes kitchen, restroom and litter patrol. These jobs are essential and we always need volunteers for them! Please sign up for them at the registration desk as soon as you can after arriving. We'd like to have volunteers in advance for the following jobs. To sign up, e-mail folkniked<at> or sffolk<at>

*Registration supervisors: preferably people who have done registration before. Involves setting up registration table and information at start of day, occasionally helping volunteers at registration and ensuring that the cash box and cash are safe at end of day. Can be divided into two or more blocks of time per day.

*Cleanup coordinator: preferably someone who has done cleanup before. Involves going to the dining hall on the last day and delegating cleanup chores to volunteers on the lists. Also involves ensuring the kitchen is locked at the end of cleanup.

Please show up for your chore. If you can't, leave a note at the registration desk so we can cover the time.

Quiet hours
We have neighbors directly across Bear Creek, so we have to be quiet after 10:00 PM-the usual noise curfew. Try to keep singing and talking quiet after that. If you plan to sing later than 10:00 PM, keep your circle as far from Bear Creek as possible.


SFFMC T-shirts will be on sale at the registration table. Price: $15.00 each, blue or maroon in various sizes. See the March/April folknik for more details.

*Saturday night potluck
We will have a potluck at the outside dining area near the camp kitchen on Saturday night at 6:00 PM and a concert in the amphitheater afterwards. You may store your potluck food in the kitchen's refrigerator or freezer until the dinner. Label your food, and please do not leave anything in the refrigerator or freezer when you leave camp. The deadline to retrieve food will be posted-it's usually noonish on the last day. We can use the stoves, pots and pans, serving dishes and utensils, etc. in the kitchen. Bring your own plates and silverware; disposable is suggested. Sorry, there's no dish washing machine.

"Pack it in, pack it up." At the end of camp, please bag the trash from the garbage can in your campsite and carry it to the ranger's trailer near the maintenance shed (across from kitchen, look for signs). Use the plastic bags hanging from the trash cans in your campsite. For extra bags check the kitchen (in one of the drawers with the cleaning supplies) or the men's restroom near the dining hall. Please take bottles and cans home with you.

Scout rules
Remember, no alcohol or drugs are allowed at the camp. (Boy Scout rule.)

Musical Meetings

Musical meetings of the San Francisco Folk Music Club are held every other Friday at 885 Clayton Street, between Carl and Parnassus Streets in San Francisco. Singing and jamming in three separate rooms start at 8:00 p.m. Snacks are provided through $1 food kitty donations or finger food contributions. Guests are always welcome, no one is expected to “perform”, and there is no charge.
“There is no standard set for the singing here, but we set a very high standard in listening.”
—motto of the Góilín Traditional Singer’s Club, Dublin, Ireland

July 8 July 22 
August 5 August 19 September 2
Setup Marisa Malvino
Carolyn Jayne Stephen Hopkins
Ken Hayes    Ken Hayes
Bulletin Board Estelle Freedman Billy Stone  Debbie Klein
Dean Howard
Host/ess Estelle Freedman 
Ed Hilton
Yvette Tannenbaum
Melissa Sarenac
Ed Bronstein
Host/ess Ken Hayes Paula Kristovich Marlene McCall      Rick Myers
Tes Welborn
Singing Room Marisa Malvino     
Yvette Tannenbaum
Debbie Klein  
Marlene McCall    Estelle Freedman
Theme Sanctuaries/ Salvation Happy happy joy joy Animal, Vegetable or Mineral Money, gold, silver 
Cleanup Chuck Oakes Chuck Oakes Dave Sahn Chuck Oakes Jim Letchworth

Board Meetings

The SFFMC board meets on the second Tuesday of each month — potluck at 6:30 p.m., meeting at 8:00 p.m. All Club members are welcome to attend the potluck dinner and the Board meeting.
July 11: Ed Hilton’s house
August: No meeting!
September 13: Melissa Sarenac’s house

NEXT folknik FOLD-IN/FOLK SING: Sunday, August 28, at Marian Gade’s house.

Club News

Faith's 90th birthday will be observed at the Freight and Salvage on September 17, a benefit for the Freight featuring Faith and many friends.

Steve Goodchild, from England by way of Texas,  recently visited a Club songswap at Faith’s and says he will plan future trips to the West Coast to coincide with our Friday evenings.  He’s a fine musician; we hope he’ll be back soon.

Lovely Nancy
, Sylvia Herold’s CD of folk songs from the British Isles and North America, is getting great reviews, including one from the folknik. Backed up by Euphonia (Paul Kotapish on mandolin, Charlie Hancock on accordion and piano and Brian Rice on percussion) Sylvia sings traditionals like “Fennario,” “Tide Full In” and “Dublin City.” You can hear her live at 8:30 p.m. July 2 at Epic Arts Studio, 1923 Ashby Ave. in Berkeley. Epic Arts is not big, so get there early. You can get CDs at the concert for $15, or by mail for $17; write to Sylvia at 2557 Wakefield Ave., Oakland, CA 94606.

Congratulations! On Sunday, May 15, 88-year-old folksinger and harmonica virtuoso Sam Hinton received the Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest’s Music Legend Award.  The plaque is inscribed: “For over 70 years, he has combined his knowledge of folk music, art, teaching and natural science, and shared it with great ability and enthusiasm.” Sam’s new double CD, Sam Hinton – Master of the Solo Diatonic Harmonica, is  available from Eagle’s Whistle Music, P.O. Box 620754, Woodside, CA  94062, or at

Folksinger and autoharp virtuoso Adam Miller looks to be spending all his time either performing or traveling to his next gig. He’s doing free family concerts at libraries all over the West and the Northeast, and the odd radio show or music camp in between. His touring schedule and his new CD, Along Came a Giant — Traditional American Folksongs for Young Folks, are available at If you’re in the South Bay, listen to him on KKUP 91.5 FM on July 7 at 3:30 p.m.

The  Marin Folk Club will suspend meetings until they find a new location. St. John’s Episcopal Church in Ross, where they have been meeting, is undergoing extensive remodeling. If you know of a possible meeting place in Marin County, please call  Phil Morgan at (510) 525-1965.

Ulla Sköld
of Vara, Sweden, reports that the “Singingest Holiday” (next to Christmas) in Sweden is April 30 as folks gather around great bonfires, a custom originating long ago with the purpose of scaring away the wolves before cattle were released into the forest.  Over the years it became a celebration and singing and speeches were added. “Winter’s Rage is Spent” and “Welcome Sweet May” are among the most popular songs.

Guitar for sale
: James Goodall Grand Concert Guitar (1998) Excellent condition. Beautiful, clear, sweet, bright voice; easy action; precise intonation. Gorgeous curly mahogany back and sides. Engelmann spruce top. Maple body, fingerboard and headstock binding. Gold Schaller tuners with ebony buttons. Abalone rosette and fingerboard inlay. Bone nut and saddle. Old style winged bridge and beveled fingerboard. Photos and further description at Contact Kay Eskenazi at (415) 647-9642, #2 or at  kay<at>

The Freight & Salvage Coffee House is looking for a Campaign Director to lead a $4-5 million capital campaign to raise funds for a new performance and education facility in the downtown Berkeley Arts District. They’re looking for someone with five or more years of experience with capital campaigns, major gifts, boards, personal solicitation, foundations, events, and grassroots; ability to develop and manage fundraising systems, budget and staff; creativity, persistence, a hands-on, can-do style, and progressive values. Enthusiasm for and knowledge about traditional music are a big plus. Send your resume, cover letter & sample gift proposal to: Search<at>

British folksinger Cyril Tawney died April 21 after one of the longest careers on record, 45 years. Local folks sing so many of his songs – “Grey Funnel Line” and “Chicken and a Raft,” for two. He was certainly one of the greats.

Correction:  The Songs of Biggs Tinker mentioned in the March/April folknik is a DVD, not CD.  For information email Ed Bronner, edbron<at>

Having a hoot, a wedding, a baby or a new CD? Put it in the Club News; email folknikp23ed<at>

The New Folk Scare?

Over the last decade, a lot of folkie friends have bemoaned the lack of young people playing folk music. Concerned grayhairs like me often ask, how can we get more young people involved?

Well, as the proverb says, watch what you wish for. You just might get it. The style-meisters and music critics at the Village Voice and the New York Times paid an inordinate amount of attention to a couple of odd-duck young folkies in their “Best of 2004” polls:  Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom, both in their 20s and both from the Bay Area. They specialize in strange, arty, poetry-infused, deeply personal music  decidedly not aimed at the mainstream audience.

Thanks to the recent East Coast praise, the local critics and trendsetters have located the new folk sound on their radar. Music writers across the country are weighing on the relative worth of the new sound. Our own Jo Ann Mar, host of KALW’s fine show Folk Music and Beyond, recently devoted a show to the new folk sound and its origins.
You can’t have a burgeoning cultural phenomenon without an annoying and apt name, and this movement is no exception. The name that seems to be catching on is Freak Folk. Put that in a search engine and you’ll get hundreds of thousands of hits. And Newsom and Banhart are far from the only adherents of the Freak Folk sound. Anyone under 30 playing slightly spacey acoustic music is in danger of being lumped on the freaky bandwagon.

And those who prefer Emmylou Harris and Greg Brown are not likely to be immediately enamored of the New Folk Thing. Sometimes it’s gliding, wistful and hauntingly melodic; other times it’s theatrical,  shrill and intentionally off-key. To find a reference point, as Joann Mar says, you have to go back to the psychedelic folk of the late sixties.

After all the heat and hyperbole, what will the Young Folk Music movement amount to? Only time will tell. But it’s good to hear folk music being discussed again as a cultural phenomenon, and to see young folk taking up the traditional instruments and songs and reinterpreting them their own way. — Richard Rice

Into the Woods for Music

A new summer concert series started June 12 in the Santa Cruz mountains above Los Gatos with Mike Marshall and Choro Famoso. Upcoming concerts feature the Joe Craven Trio (July 30) and Evo Bluestein’s Lyquid Amber (August 20). For information and tickets, go to or call (408) 354-2372.

In Harmony's Way

As noted in the last folknik, eighteen local singers are featured in upcoming concerts and on a CD  called In Harmony’s Way celebrating Bay Area a capella folk singing with Irish, English, Scottish, Anglo-American and Afro-American folk songs.

The group will sing live on KALW  91.7 FM on July 2, at 3:00 p.m.; at the free ceili at the Starry Plough in Berkeley on July 3 at 8:00 p.m.; and at The Freight and Salvage Coffee House in Berkeley on July 8th at 8:00 p.m.; tickets cost $18.50 in advance and $19.50 at the door. Copies of the CD will be available at the concerts or from Steve Baughman at talltree<at>

Santa Rosa Sessions Starting

Mitch Gordon writes:

The Black Rose Pub and Restaurant (formerly the Rose Pub) in Santa Rosa is now hosting traditional music sessions every Wednesday night. Musicians and interested listeners are more than welcome!
  • First Wednesday: International Folk session. French, Scandinavian, Balkan, Mexican, you name it (bring your accordion, gaita, or bombarde).
  • Second Wednesday: Slow Celtic session and Song Circle. For singers and beginning-to-advanced players of Irish, Scottish, English, etc.
  • Third Wednesday: Traditional Celtic session. Traditional session catering more to the serious Irish player, but friendly and homey.
  • Fourth Wednesday: Old-time and Bluegrass session. Need we say more? Dust off that banjo.
All sessions start around 8:00 p.m. The Black Rose Pub is at 2074 Armory Drive, just east of 101 at Steele Lane. For more information, contact Mitch Gordon (mitchgord<at> or Don Coffin (drcoffin<at>
See you there!

Want to Try for a New Ax?

Young musicians who’d like to win a Regal Resonator guitar, a banjo, a scholarship, a recording session, or a cash prize should check out the National Traditional Country Music Association Festival.

Now in its thirtieth year, the Festival is going from August 29 to September 4 at the Harrison County Fairgrounds in Missouri Valley, Iowa. There are opportunities for older nonprofessional musicians too, and hundreds of country, bluegrass, and old-time performers, as well as traditional arts and crafts. For more information, go to or write to the NTCMA at P O Box 492, Anita, IA 50020, or e-mail bobeverhart<at>

Festivals 'n' Such

Hayward-Russell City Blues Festival: July 9-10
11-7 PM, City Hall Plaza, Hayward, CA. INFO 510-836-2227, hipwayblues<at>, www.bayareabluessociety. net/Hayward_Russell_City1.html

Vancouver Folk Music Festival: July 15-17
Jericho Beach Park, Vancouver, Canada. Several stages, workshops. "Poly-traditional." INFO 800- 883-3655, info<at>,

Stockton Folk Dance Camp: July 17-23, 24-30
Univ. of the Paci.c Campus, Stockton, CA. Two weeklong sessions. INFO 530-474-3231, dancebruce<at>,

Humboldt Folklife Festival: July 17-23
Perigot Park, and other venues in Blue Lake, CA. Workshops, kids' performances, N. CA Native Concert, Singer Songwriters, Bluegrass & Old Time, A Capella, Free Fest. INFO 707-822-5394, folk<at>humboldtfolklife. org,

Puget Sound Guitar Workshop: July 23-August 12
(3 week-long sessions). Inspiration and instruction for acoustic musicians at all levels. Bellingham, WA, near Seattle. INFO 360-647-2979, info<at>; www.psgw. org

Lark in the Morning: July 29-Aug 6
Mendocino Woodlands, Mendocino, CA. The music and dance party with educational overtones. Music and dance the world over. INFO 707-964-4826, registration<at>,

Redwood Dulcimer Day: July 30
Boomeria, Bonny Doon, CA. Appalachian dulcimer workshops & jam. INFO Janet Herman 831-429-1691, fasola<at>,

Wolf Mountain Bluegrass Festival: July 30-31
Grass Valley, CA. All the best bluegrass from the West Coast. INFO 831-425-2270; info<at>, www.wolfmt. com

Twain Harte Arts & Wine Festival: July 30-31
Twain Harte, CA (11 miles E. of Sonora). Free. INFO 209 533-3473, events<at>, www.fireonthemountain. com

Country Roads Folk Music Camp: August 3-7
Mt. Madonna County Park, (near Gilroy) CA. Workshops, crafts, jams, nature hikes, games. INFO Anna Green, 408-379-4090, swmusic<at>, http://www.sfbay. net/swmusic/countryroadsfolkmusiccamp.html

Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp: August 7-14, 14-21
(2 sessions) High Peaks Camp near Estes Park, CO. Teaching .ddle, & banjo, guitar, piano, cello, harp, pipes, bodhran, dulcimer. INFO 303-753-6870, MFLuther<at>aol. com,

Dead on the Creek Festival: August 12-14
Willits, CA. Bluegrass, Americana, Celtic, Jamband, and Grateful Dead. Limited tickets. INFO 707-459-3015, john<at>,

Kindred Gathering: August 13-15

Beausite Lake, 12 mi. S of Port Townsend, WA. Friends of Modes and Dulcimerie. SFFMC members welcome. INFO 360-385-4003, force<at>, janette<at>rogerkatz. com,

27th Annual Intl. Musical Saw Festival: August 14
10-6 PM, Roaring Camp, Felton (north of Santa Cruz), CA. Workshops, open mike, jamming, all instruments. INFO 510-523-4649, info<at>, www.sawplayers. org/festinfo.html

Fire on the Mtn Sonora Blues Festival: August 20
Mother Lode Fairgrounds, Sonora, CA. Music, workshops and more. INFO 209-533-3473, events<at>fireonthemountain. com,

Northwest Jam Camp: August 22-27
Pilgrim Firs, Port Orchard, WA. Sponsored by Puget Sound Guitar Workshop. No classes, just music with friends. INFO 206-932-8467, northwestjamcamp<at>earthlink. net,

Cotati Accordion Festival: August 27-28

La Plaza Park, Cotati CA. Accordion in every culture, food, drink, dancing. INFO 707-664-0444, info<at>cotatifest. com,

Scottish Gathering and Games: September 3-4

Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, CA. INFO 800-713-3160, macdonald<at>, www.caledonian. org/games.html

American Banjo Camp: September 9-11
Fort Flagler, WA. Learn old-time or bluegrass banjo with world-class instructors. Demonstrations, handson classes, faculty concerts, plenty of jamming. INFO Info<at>, ABC/

SF Festival of the Sea: September 10
Hyde Street Pier & Maritime Museum, San Francisco, CA. Music, crafts, living history shipboard demonstrations, kid's activities. INFO: 415-556-6435, peter_kasin<at>nps. gov

Echo Summit Dance Weekend: Sept 16-18.

Camp Sacramento, Placerville, CA. Contras, Squares, & Couple Dances. INFO 916-489-0488, JB6197<at>, www.

Delta Blues Festival: September 17
12-8 PM, Antioch, CA. Music, food, arts & crafts. FREE. INFO (925) 706-4270,

11th Sebastopol Celtic Festival: September 22-25
Community Center, Sebastopol, CA. Concerts, workshops, Jams. INFO 707-829-7067, cloud<at>cumuluspresents. com,

Harvest Moon Dance Festival: September 23-25

Carillo Ball Room, Santa Barbara. INFO 805-682- 1877 ebkarpeles<at>, ebkarpeles<at>

Intl. Jousting Championship: September 24-25
Sonora, CA. Young Dubliners, Black Irish Band, & Crazy Ivan. INFO info<at>, www.

BACDS Fall Weekend: October 14-16
Monte Toyon, Aptos, CA. English Country Dance, Contras, Squares, music workshops. INFO winston<at>slac. or meier<at>, www.

San Francisco Festival of the Sea

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park's annual Festival of the Sea returns on Saturday, Sept. 10, 10:00 AM-5:00 PM. We will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the historic ship Balclutha's restoration and opening as a museum ship. Her Scottish and English heritage will be celebrated with live traditional music at four stages, on Hyde Street Pier, in the Visitor Center, and aboard the Balclutha. Living history reenactors will lead shipboard demonstrations, and there will be many other activities, including a full program of kid's performances and crafts.

Performers include:
Andy M. Stewart and Gerry O'Beirne, Alasdair Fraser, The Johnson Girls, Danny and Joyce McLeod, Holdstock and MacLeod, Carol Holdstock, Shay and Shosi Black, Oak, Ash and Thorn, Adam Miller, Dogwatch Nautical Band, Skip Henderson and the Starboard Watch, Sons of the Buccaneers, Salty Walt and the Rattlin' Ratlines,Bruce Sherman, Malcolm Rigby, Richard Adrianowicz, Riggy Rackin, Nathalie Reginster, Lintie (Christa Burch and Kim Hughes), Chris Caswell, Revell Carr, Valentine Doyle , Pam Swan , Kathryn Daskal