SF Folk Club Gives a Hoot!

From The Folknik Jan/Feb 2002

We passed our audition! In November the SF Folk Music Club sponsored a Hootenanny Night at the Cafe International, a coffeehouse near Haight and Fillmore in San Francisco. And this Hoot was such a big success that Cafe International has asked us to return on a monthly basis!

Starting in January, the SFFMC presents Hootenanny Night at the Cafe International monthly, on the 2nd Saturday. The format is the same, except that time will be set aside for an open-mike in addition to the Showcase and Sing-A-Longs.

November's Hoot showcased 7 acts. In between these 20-30 minute sets, our sing-a-long leader, Carolyn Jayne, led the crowd in spirited participation singing. And people actually sang! In fact, Carolyn was especially well-received. Her clear voice and winning stage presence strongly connected with the audience.

Other performances included the swinging Jeanie and Chuck Poling, who did a sampler of their Country Music Round-up with their friend Carla on fiddle. Local club favorites The Shut-Ins delivered an inspired and eclectic set that ran the gamut from Patti Page to the Louvin Brothers and proved again why they are one of SF's best kept musical secrets.

Alan Smithline provided excellent renditions of Delta blues classics, Jude Reseigne sang originals and covers in his plaintive, memorable voice, and Karen Imperial and Doug Jones were on hand with a carefully crafted and beautifully delivered set.

And let’s not forget Dr. Phil Morgan who serenaded us all with a few gems. We would also like to commend Karen and Doug for all their help with the poster, sound equipment and expertise. In between acts the Hootenanny’s M.C., Richard Rice, talked up the Folk Club and the Folknik, which, after all, was the point of the evening.

January’s show looks like a real winner! Jessica Bryan will be one of our featured performers. Ingrid Noyes and her banjo will be our Sing-A-Longer. A talented duo of singer-songwriters, Hilarius Bookbinder, will also grace the Hoot stage.

If you’re interested in playing a set or can contribute poster design skills, Uncle Hoot Needs You! Contact Richard Rice at (415) 558-7131 or at equalrice@yahoo.com for all your Hoot questions and needs.

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